Love song, humorous, lively. New Orleans style boogie with mambo trumpets. BPM 162. Drums, bass, boogie piano, trumpets, voc + voc harmonies


Creature of Habit

I’m a creature of habit, and as best as I am able
I like to keep things regular, predictable and stable
So let’s not change a bit, I like us just the way we are
Of all my many habits, girl, loving you is the best by far

I keep my keys and wallet in a certain dresser drawer
Put time aside on Saturdays to do the household chores
A hundred little habits help me keep chaos at bay
And when it comes to you and me, I wanna keep it going in the same ol’ way

Darn it, girl! Dag nab it!
The key to success is good habits
And lovin’ you like I do
Was an excellent habit to get into

When I met you darling, I suddenly felt shy
I saw big changes coming when I looked into your eyes
You rocked my world, you shook me up, you knocked my life askew
And when the dust had settled, I’d formed a brand new habit of loving you

Darn it, girl! etc.

It’s a well-worn path I follow, I know it all by rote
When things are going good, I say, why rock the bleepin’ boat?
I’m a creature of habit, and I stick to tried-and-true
And nothing’s stood the test of time like my lil’ ol’ habit of loving you

Darn it, girl!, etc.