1. Odd People

Rock ostinato song. 120 BPM. Hip-hop drums, tambourine, bass, clavichord, organ


Odd People

Here’s a good question for Nature or God:
Why does he or she make some people so odd?
Something a little bit off in their brains
Awkward, misfit, sometimes flat-out strange

It seems too sad that through no fault of their own
Most of ‘em will go through life rather alone
Forced to march to their own crazy drum
Ignored by most, made fun of by some

Odd people, my heart goes out
Nobody wants to spend a lot of time hanging out
But what good does my sympathy do?
Odd people, I feel for you
Loneliness is something we’ve all had to go through
Sometimes I think I’m a little odd too

It’s rare that friendship is granted them fully
But I have an odd friend who I like truly
I’m fond of the guy, I got to confess
I like him because he always tries his best

Odd people,etc.