Minor mode torch song in 12/8 time. 145 BPM. Drums, bass, guitar, voc + harmony voc counterpoint


Won't Feel a Thing

Perhaps some day by chance we’ll meet
I’ll say, ‘how’ve you been?’, and I’ll kiss your cheek
I might feel a pang, I might feel a twinge
But I hope by then I won’t feel a thing

A chance encounter and a brief embrace
I’ll step back, and I’ll search your face
That’ll be the moment that puts me to the test
If I don’t feel anything, I’ll feel best

Will it bring back a time when my every thought was of you?
When I spent my days trying to learn how not to love you
Or will it seem so long ago, and the memory grown so dim
My life filled up with newer things, and happy once again

When we say our goodbyes, and we go our ways,
Will my heart overflow with words I couldn’t say?
Or will I walk away with a triumphant grin
Free! Yes, I’m free now, ‘cause I don’t feel a thing