Torch song. 110 BPM. Flamenco/tango flavored, habanero rhythm, arabic mode, orchestral instrumentation + clave.


Tomorrow the Sorrow Begins

These words you speak so calmly and cooly
End all my hopes, and end them so cruelly
Now I’m numb, it hasn’t yet sunk in
But tomorrow - tomorrow the sorrow begins

The sorrow is coming, though it hasn’t come yet
Tomorrow will bring a thousand regrets
How dearly I’ll pay for how cold I’ve been
Tomorrow - tomorrow the sorrow begins

I thought we’d always be together
I thought our love would last forever
An undying and unwavering flame

I was too blind to see the warnings
Tomorrow is not what it was just this morning
Tomorrow, nothing will be the same

Tomorrow the sorrow will come without fail
I’ll beg you to stay, to no avail
Be quiet now, no words could console
Tomorrow, sorrow is all I’ll know