1. Trombonitude

Humorous, orchestral, in praise of trombones. 145 BPM. Heavy beat. Trombones, trumpets, bass, drums, timpani



Trombonitude! Trombonitude!

When you wanna get people fired up to go out and kick some ass
Best way is to hit ‘em with a righteous blast of brass
Nothing gets the blood stirred up like a bold and manly toot
And it ain’t no job for sissy clarinets or pipsqueak flutes

I’m tellin’ you, dude, for a certain kind of mood
A take-no-prisoners attitude
When it’s make-or-break, and everything’s at stake
That’s when you need trombonitude

Trombonitude! With attitude!

The walls of Jericho, they gave the city strong protection
Joshua stood up and said, ‘We gotta send in the trombone section!’
‘Cause strings are much too soft and sweet, and the reeds are too subdued
The only way those walls come down is with a serious dose of ‘tude’!

I’m tellin’ you, dude, etc.

Listen, brothers and sisters! Do you hear the trombones call?
Let’s go storm the gates and tear down the castle walls!
Do you feel the adrenaline pumping, and the rising testosterone?
We shall signify victory with a mighty blast of ‘bones!

(Shhh! Let’s sneak up on ‘em)

When you’re marching into battle and it’s time to do or die
Nothing gets the troops pumped up like a trombone battle cry
The trumpets can be helpful, but those guys are total divas
How do I say this politely? They’re blatant attention seekers

I’m tellin’ you, dude, etc.