1. Sensible Shoes

Music hall shuffle, humorous, about a smug older couple. 120 BPM. Drums, stand up bass, guitar, clarinets, french horns, voc


Sensible Shoes

We’re both down-to-earth people, we have down-to-earth aims
Our practical approach to life is pretty much the same
And we’re much alike in outlook, we share a point of view
Our kids declare we’re just a pair of well-made sensible shoes!

Our house is all paid off now, no money do we owe
And the rise in property values gives us a rosy glow
And we put our kids through college, and saved a nest egg too
You can go a long, long way in a pair of sensible shoes!

Stiletto heals and pointy toes are fine for fancy shoes
But beauty wears off quickly when your feet start hurting you
Sure, you can go for glamor, but be careful when you choose!
On the rocky path of life you need a pair of sensible shoes

Our kids have flown the nest now, they’re on their merry ways
We’re expecting our first grandchild to arrive at any day
Sometimes they had us worried, but in the end they all pulled through
You can cover rough terrain in a pair of sensible shoes!

Cowboy boots and tassled loafers have attractive styles
But will you still love them when you’ve walked in them a while?
Here’s a thought to keep in mind with a long path facing you
For comfy feet you just can’t beat a pair of sensible shoes!

When you go shopping for footwear, don’t make an impulse buy
Look for sound construction that will hold up over time
Well, the years have scuffed us up some - we could use some polish too
But on the whole, we’re glad we strolled in a pair of sensible shoes!