1. Chamomile Tea

Rock. Sprightly, light-hearted. 120 BPM. Drums, bass, french horn, flutes, clarinets, vocs


Chamomile Tea

When you’re miserable cuz you’ve had too much to eat
And your stomach feels like a big lump of concrete
For the feeling of bloating and cramping and gas
This age-old remedy is still unsurpassed

Insomniacs and brainiacs are stayin’ up all night
Society and anxieties have got them up tight
Wired to the moon, can’t turn out the light
Here’s something for them to make it all right

Just drink it up, and your problems will melt away
One steaming cup, and it seems like a brighter day
Totally natural, and caffeine free
Healing and comforting chamomile tea

You ladies who want to have complexions like cream
Bring the tea to a boil, and hold your face in the steam
And if your skin tone is too dark to suit you
A bath in tea water will lighten your hue

Just drink it up, etc.

If you think it’s a fraud and the claims are all flawed
Then it just isn’t your cup of tea
If you believe what they say, then it’ll all work OK,
Your belief in this is the key

Just drink a cup, etc.

When you are driven close to your wits end
By colicky babies or restless children
A few little sips of the magical brew
And heavenly peace will be restored to you

Just drink a cup, etc.