Sarcastic/angry. Shuffle rock. Length 2:48, 125 BPM. Drums, tambourine, elec. guitar, organ, voc + voc harmonies. Note: politically controversial


Hoist Your Middle Finger Higher

For the liberal elites who all look down their noses
You can watch while we strike our defiant poses
To the leftist media bald-face liars
We’re gonna hoist our middle fingers higher!

For all those who love to sneer at the masses
We gotta guy who’s gonna come kick your asses
He’s mean, he’s tough, and he understands
How much we love a middle finger man

Hoist ‘em up! Hoist ‘em up! Hoist ‘em up!

Hoist your middle finger higher! Hoist it high as it can go!
Higher, higher, even higher, get up on your tippy toes!
Hoist ‘em both, give ‘em double barrels, let them hear our voices well
Join with us in boldly shouting: you scumbags can GO TO HELL!!!

You can vote with your middle finger too
Give those liberals a big: ‘EFF YOU!’
And we all know ‘fore the voting begins
The ‘lection’s not fair unless our side wins

Hoist ‘em up! Hoist ‘em up! Hoist ‘em up!

Hoist your middle finger higher, etc.

How can this be? We’ve been defeated!
It musta been cuz the other side cheated
I’m so angry, it makes me stammer
Let’s go to Nancy’s, and bring our hammers

Hoist ‘em up! Hoist ‘em up! Hoist ‘em up! Hoist ‘em up higher!