Rock number, extolling money. Happy-ish feel. 140 BPM. Rock guitar ensemble + trumpets + violins + bassoon + voc + voc harmonies


Money is Wonderful

Money is wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
I’m here to testify, and shout it to the skies
Money is marvelous! Magical! Miraculous!
And if you ever doubt it, just you try to live without it

Money is truly wonderful, don’t let ‘em tell you different
And life is truly miserable if you don’t have sufficient
Congrats my friend on your first good job, I know what you’ve been through
I’m happy to say, the really good part is yet to come for you

When the paychecks begin to arrive
And the bank account starts to thrive
The dark clouds of worry will lift
And these words will burst from your lips:

Money is wonderful!, etc.

You won’t need to squeeze the pennies, you won’t need to be a miser
You won’t have to stay in this dump, you can move to someplace nicer
And if your car breaks down, you’ll no longer have to panic
Because now you’ll have the dough to pay a good mechanic!

You’ll walk with the wind at your back
You’ll run on the inside track
The peace of mind money can bring!
And together, together we’ll sing:

Money is wonderful!, etc.