1. I'm Not Ready

Melancholy brooding feel. Minor key, phrygian mode. 120 BPM. Instrumentation: piano, guitar, cello, clarinets, bassoon, vocal, harmony vocals. About an impending breakup.


I’m Not Ready

When your old dog passed away
You got a new puppy on the very next day
You were sad, but not for long
You got over it quick and moved right on

When my old dog breathed her last
I didn’t get over it nearly so fast
I still miss her sweet old face
And no new dog could ever take her place

I’m not ready for the day
When we two go our sep’rate ways
Where will I go? What will I do?
What will become of me, without you?

You’re not the type to sit and brood
You never stay long in a downcast mood
You take steps, you push right through
And that’s something I admire in you

No, I’m not ready, etc.

I’ve got to tip my hat to you
I’ll give credit where credit’s due
You’ll do just fine, but I foresee
It’s gonna be a whole lot harder on me

‘Cause I’m not ready, etc.